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Call for Research Proposals

Copper’s fundamental properties have met society’s needs throughout history. In the future these intrinsic advantages will help society move toward a better, more sustainable world.

In order to drive innovation, the copper industry, through the International Copper Association (ICA), funds pre-competitive research and development that creates or enables significant future market applications for copper or extends and grows its usefulness in an existing application.

With our Technology Program Proposal Call (TPPC) researchers can submit creative proposals describing ideas for new copper applications or improved copper use in existing products. All proposals should clearly identify the technical challenge to be overcome through research and development and describe a credible technical approach for moving from idea to commercial application.

If you are considering submitting a research proposal please familiarize yourself with the 2012 Copper Application Technology Roadmap. Since the International Copper Association (ICA) introduced the Roadmap in 2007, it has served as a collection of knowledge and a guide for collaborative, precompetitive research efforts among copper producers and fabricators, end-users, universities, government programs, entrepreneurs, and independent technologists.

Please note there is currently no open call for research proposals. However, if you have an exciting research idea and would like to share that with us, please contact us.

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